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It is the team that delivers

At Cathrine Juell AS, we offer tailored solutions within organizational development and performance improvement through four core areas:Mapping to define and anchor measures based on profile analyses; development of a robustPerformance culture which promotes self-performing teams and feedback dynamics; pointedManagement training which focuses on role-based and situational approach; andRecruitment services which ensures a seamless integration of new employees in line with the organisation's culture and values. Our goal is to facilitate a work process where employees and management together create a dynamic and result-oriented workplace.

Presentation culture

Ensure self-performing teams and feedback culture through insight into own and others' behavior patterns through a common D-SCOR language and training program. D-SCOR attaches importance to ensuring the cooperation competence between different levels and teams in the value chain in the work processes to the same extent as ensuring the cooperation competence in the individual team.

- Develop self-performing teams

Mapping the organization

Mapping of individuals, teams and entire organizations through the profile analysis. Anchor the results from the survey in the organization and establish a common language, D-SCOR terminology, ensure the establishment of a feedback culture. Define measures and create a plan for implementation.

- Clarify needs and define measures

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Recruitment and organizational development belong together. D-SCOR takes into account personal suitability in addition to education and emphasizes adaptation to the company culture, the manager's profile and the relevant team.

- Onboarding and follow-up during the trial period
  • S lederen: Fyrtårnet
  • C lederen: Spesialisten
  • O lederen: Fabrikksjefen
  • R lederen: Lagbyggeren


Train the line in situational and role-based management based on the company's goals, the individual's role and the requirement for deliveries. Employee responsibility is central to D-SCOR, the organization also has responsibility for playing its leaders well.

- Role-based and situational management
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