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It is the team that delivers

Cathrine Juell AS is a consulting company that optimizes companies by strengthening collaboration skills and creating effective teams

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The story behind it

Founded in 1984 by Cathrine Juell, an agronomist with in-depth experience from both agricultural research and as a therapist in child welfare, the company has grown to become a formidable force within the management of human capital

The D-SCOR model is the core of Cathrine Juell's methodology, inspired by successes from sport and adapted to the business world. It emphasizes the individual's value in team dynamics and emphasizes the importance of diversity and balance to achieve optimal performance.


Cathrine has applied this model in a number of environments, from Olympiatoppen to TV2, and demonstrated its effectiveness across sectors. At Cathrine Juell AS, managing human capital is an art that is carried out with the same precision as for financial and knowledge capital, and the company stands as proof that the right people, with the right training and feedback culture, can achieve extraordinary things.

Introduction to D-SCOR

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Our services are used by some of the country's leading companies

Over 200 companies have used D-SCOR and our consultancy since the start 

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